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Juice Plus+® Clinical Research Currently Underway

Juice Plus+® positively impacts markers of systemic inflammation.  Read more

Three studies show that Juice Plus+® reduces oxidative stress in athletes.  Read more   See also Athlete's Corner

Several studies by leading researchers show that Juice Plus+® positively impacts several key indicators of cardiovascular wellness.   Read more

Research from many universities around the world has shown that Juice Plus+® delivers key phytonutrients that are absorbed by the body.   Read more

Three studies show that Juice Plus+® helps support a healthy immune system.   Read more

Two studies show that Juice Plus+® helps protect DNA.   Read more


The effect of mixed fruit and vegetable concentrates on biomarkers of cardiovascular disease: a review of the clinical evidence. View PDF

Attenuation of common cold symptoms by encapsulated juice powder concentrate. View PDF

Adjunctive effects of a dietary supplement comprising dried whole fruit, vegetable and berry juice concentrates on clinical outcomes of treatment of periodontitis. View PDF

Supplement with encapsulated vegetable and fruit juice powder concentrate improves microcirculation and ultrastructure in human skin. View PDF

Effects of Nutraceutical Supplementation on Respiratory Function in Healthy Heavy Smokers. View PDF

Effect of Nutrition Supplements on Malondyaldehyde Concentrations in Heavy Smokers. View PDF

Significant Decrease in Homocysteine and ox-LDL in Healthy Heavy Smokers after Nutraceutical Supplementation. View PDF

Preliminary results from The Ovarian Nutrition Education (ONE) study. View PDF


In addition to the clinical studies on Juice Plus+ already published, there are numerous others currently underway. Click here to find out more about the studies currently underway.