"The RI Training System creates two very important outcomes needed to succeed: Confidence and Consistency of Effort" - Mitra Ray, 100 Club NMD

If you do nothing else, watch this presentation several times and take notes:
High Yielding Questions video

Then roleplay FESS UP and GROW UP questions first with your sponsor. Be sure to listen to training call #1 on How to Start a New Distributor

Here is more detailed list of High Yielding Questions for JP and VF including how to do a short and sweet wellness presentation. Scroll down to see more resources at the bottom of the page.

You may also want to hear this encore performance from the NMD bootcamp training by Dr. Mitra Ray on “Critical Skills to Duplicate.”

"That was a Gold Standard Call!" – Nikki Cotton

Be sure to download the handout that goes along with this training and take notes. 

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